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Throwback 90's Body Sprays/Linen Sprays/Hair Glace

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1991femme: The absolute best thing I’ve ever smelled   All the cool girls had this. Scent: GAP Dream

1992partyonwayne: Wayne’s World! Party Time! Excellent!   We are not worthy for the genius that this movie was.  Scent: reminiscent of Wayne’s Basement. Nag champa incense. Schwing!!!

1993caboodles: Juice Bar Cotton Candy.  Enough said. 

1994teenspirit: Remember the commercials for this? Or the song.  I guess whichever one you remember first will dictate how this would smell.  I remember the deodorant. Specifically Baby Powder Soft.  Sadly, I couldn’t find one just like it. So I got the next best thing.  Scent: Love’s Babysoft

1995artisté: The greatest art tools in existence in elementary and middle school. Mr. Sketch markers.  Smell like a purple one.  Scent: Candy Purple Grapes

1996mallrat: Bath and Bodyworks ruled the mall. This iconic scent was EVERYWHERE.  If you didn’t douse yourself with this body spray after gym class, who were you??!!  Scent: Cucumber Melon 

1997homme: Every boy I knew bathed in this.  I had candles from Partylite in this scent.  I had car air fresheners in this scent. I asked for samples at the mall of this scent.  It is so firmly embedded in my brain as the distinct scent of the ‘90’s, that if I ever get a whiff of it, I feel the need to  wear low rise flared jeans and a logo’d tshirt from some now defunct store in the mall (remember County Seat?). Scent: Tommie Hilfiger

1998hautecouture: The quintessential lip product that has spanned decades. I had hundreds of these, and still use it to this day. Be a Pepper. Scent: Dr Pepper Lip Smackers

1999bandcamp: Hot Apple Pie (BEWARE! This👏🏻Contains👏🏻Cinnamon👏🏻)