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Salty Betch

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This soap is salty af. Perfect for exfoliating and smoothing your skin in the shower, prepping your tootsies for a pedicure, or getting your skin ready for summer.   This soap is made with coconut oil, olive oil, sea salt, and activated charcoal.  Free from expensive over hyped ingredients, and does its job, and does it well.  


If you have never used a salt bar before, they have a bit of a learning curve!  First off, your bar, fresh out of the wrapper will be ROUGH looking.  This is from the sea salt!! As you use the soap, it will become smooth like a river rock.  This soap is very hard, and creates a wonderful lather.  It has a high content of sea salt (85% of the oil weight of this soap is SALT), so it can cause dryness on your skin.  This is perfect in the summer time when some of us get oilier skin, or if we need a good exfoliation any other time of the year.  I find that it is best to hop out of the shower, and not dry off.  I then slather on my favorite body oil, and let that soak in completely before I get dressed.  While you can suds this up with a shower poof, I find I get the benefits of the salt when I use the bar directly on my skin.  

This soap contains activated charcoal, so please be mindful of any residue it may leave in your shower.  It wipes off easily if you don't let it dry on your shower or tub. 

Due to how HARD these soaps get, they are poured into individual molds.  That is why you have one very rough side, and these soaps are a bit more compact than the rest of them.  With proper care (well drained soap dish!!), this bar will last months.  


This black soap is scented with a Santal Shea blend, that comes across as a soft coconut milk with almonds and vanilla.   

Bar is approximately 3.50-4 oz after curing.   



Ingredients: Sea Salt, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Fragrance, Kaolin Clay, Charcoal (activated)