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Black Raspberry Cream

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A delectable treat! This handmade cold processed soap is a sudsy summer treat!  

 My personal favorite that I keep a secret stash of for myself--the fragrance is divine--rich, delicious, creamy, with a ripe raspberry note. 

Made with olive oil, responsibly sourced palm oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil, this soap lathers well and is just fun to use!   I’ve decorated this bar with a piped soap frosting top, drizzled in some rose gold and purple soap syrup, and topped it all off with a rose gold soap pearl!  I’ve fragranced this with a creamy delicious blend of black raspberry and vanilla creme, my favorite scent!  

Bars weigh 4.5-6 oz each, and will come to you shrink wrapped.  Bar size varies due to the hand cut and hand made aspect.  


Store in a soap dish and keep it dry between uses to make it last the longest!