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The Libertine Story

Consider this my introduction to you....who I am, what I am about....anything you want to know....


Libertine Bath Haus was a creation that came from my own experiments. My own love for taking some time out every day to take care of myself, and create something special.  

I am inspired by many things, and if you’ve been with me since the beginning, you have seen how I have evolved everything I do. My current inspirations, at the time of this writing, are the misty and cool fall days that are on the horizon.  The quiet solitude when we go into the dark part of the wheel of the year feels like home to me.  

I create all items with positive intent and good energy, I truly believe that you can feel my thoughts and feelings in the items I make, and I want to ensure when you are making a bath ritual or a relaxing ritual before starting your day, you feel that extra boost of good energy coming your way.  

I believe that if we, on our own, create our own rituals for ourselves, that we can remember to take a moment for ourselves, and truly begin to love who we are. So often, we are putting ourselves last, and when we need to be reminded to put ourselves first, we can restore that self-love that we often put on the back burner.  


I say “Create your Own Ritual”, with whatever, and however, that may be.   


With compassion,