Scent Catalog

Permanent Collection

The Consort: Heady Merlot next to an offering of figs and crushed raspberries.

The Sacred: Soft roses surrounded by a blanket of marshmallows and vanilla creme

The Holy: Sandalwood and Middle Eastern spices with grounding dark vanilla and spicy carnation.

The Confessor: Dragon’s blood and amber nestled between three vanillas and a lingering tendril of incensed smoke.

The Oracle: Wisps of Spanish and Bulgarian Lavender tempered with 3 variations of Madagascar Vanilla

The Islands of the Blessed: Bergamot and orchid touched with ozone, grounded with sandalwood. Ocean water and kelp in the background.

The Most Exalted: Precious frankincense and myrrh with slivers of incense smoke twirling throughout.

The Ascension: Bergamot and sparkling orange, lilac and primrose, violet petals and snowdrops, perched atop three musks and small bundles of twigs.

The Rites: Bergamot and black tea mingling with a selection of rare vanilla musks.

The Damned: Black vanilla, patchouli, and seven different honeys.

La Vie Est Magnifique: White peach nectar, steeped with Bulgarian lavender, vanilla musk, creamy magnolias, and a pop of champagne accented with a touch of raspberries.

The Angelic Ones: Fluffy, soft marshmallows dusted with sugar. (NEW! May 2018)

Blueberry Spritzer: fresh blueberries, sprigs of rosemary and thyme, and a sparkling cocktail 

The Beaches of Santorini:  Overlooking the Aegean Sea, and filled with the white washed houses clinging to the sides of the cliffs, we were captivated with the absolute beauty of the stark contrasts of the blue sea and firey sunsets. We have gathered a base of our favorite amber, steeped with neroli and lime. Lastly, a heart of jasmine blooms to round it all out.  (Permanent Aug 2018)

The Maldives: Our favorite place to unplug, reset, and refresh.  Dotted throughout the Indian Ocean, these alcoves are full of coral, lagoons, and excellent snorkeling opportunities.  Get your own private island to escape the busy day to day, and just soak up the sun and sand. Notes of Tamarind, Dates, Currants, Coconut Milk, Lychee, sun-ripened figs, and salty air take us back to our island paradise.

The Kitchen Window
A window box garden. Rosemary, thyme, sage, basil and lavender, touched with a gentle morning .

My Shangri La  (made permanent August 2018)
Vanilla.  Not your grandma's vanilla.  This is a luxurious and sexy one.  

Go Tell The Bees
There is an apiary not far from me, and often I enjoy walking on the trail near it. This is my interpretation of that place. Honey, a gentle breeze, and a peach iced tea.


The Weird Sisters: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Clary sage, black plums, the smallest drop of ainse, freshly chopped wood, dying fireplace embers. 

The Wretched Ones  (new early spring 2019): Oakwood, Patchouli, Bergamot, Rich blackened vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, and a crack of leather.

Darkling: (new early spring 2019): Dragon's Blood, a well-aged patchouli, sugared vanilla beans.

Desiderata: (new, early spring 2019) Nepalese Amber, cardamom, Madagascar vanilla.

Summertime Sadness: (new, early spring 2019) Coconut milk flecked with black vanilla, beeswax, caramelized benzoin, licorice, bitter almond, Gaiac woods, Tonka bean, Sandalwood.

I Heard About You and Your Honeyed Words: (new, early spring 2019): Rose petals, geraniums, violets, and honey nectar.

Nanner Bean: (new, early Spring 2019): Rum, warm vanilla pods, banana creme

The Beaches of Waikiki: The famous white sands of Waikiki and the relaxed pace of island life is our inspiration, and to bring us to those drift-away-days in Waikiki, we've brought together some of the best the Island has to offer: Pikake flowers, plumeria blooms, tiare flower, fresh pineapple, melons, iris, and a base of our custom blended island vanilla.

Paradise: Black Currant, Bergamot, Cypress (All proceeds from the sale of this scent will be donated to The Humane Society of Ventura County to house and feed animals that are evacuating from the wildfires)


 Ambre con Vanille (vanilla with the tiniest touches of citrus and coconut, heliotrope, rose, coumarone, and jasmine. On the drydown, this is amber with rich vanilla and a hint of patchouli)

Growing up, there was a lady that lived across the street from my family.  She had the most beautiful gardens of flowers, vegetables, and fruits.  She taught me how to appreciate the work it takes for caring for a summer garden to be proud of.  Patchouli and Roses

Not named after the space craft (but maybe it is?), this is when you're elbow deep in weeding your tomato patch.  Tomato leaf and peonies. 

Cardamom Spiked Hot Chocolate: Steaming and rich, with notes of ginger, cardamom, and creamy chocolate.


Peppermint Marshmallows: Squishy and sweet, with a bright punch of peppermint and creamy mallowy puffs.

Hygge: Cozy, cool,  and atmospheric. Sage, Juniper, Eucalyptus, and a hint of Alpine Snow.  Perfect for curling up with a good book, a cozy sweater, a fireplace, and favorite furry friend.


Snowflakes: Marzipan, Benzoin, Almond, and a drop of Cassia and Rose.

 Cashmere Sweater (light musk with muget, sandalwood, vanilla, and a small drop of patchouli)

Precious Notes of lemon, grapefruit, green apple, neroli, and a single drop of jasmine enfleurage. A chilly but delicate scent 




Discontinued/Curtain Call

Items here have been Curtain Called, or discontinued due to component issues.  If you do not see it in the Curtain Call section, I have run out of components, and do not know if I will be able to replace.

Mornings in the Garden when the fruit trees are full is the best time of the day.  Fresh sun-warmed pears, the gentlest lavender, violets, heliotrope, sandalwood, and Oakmoss 

Gardens of the Red Keep: lemon cakes  (this pains me so much   Components discontinued   Frantically looking for a replacement) 

Sticky Cinnamon Buns.

The Beaches of Tulum: Nestled on the Yucatan Peninsula, this beach escape reminds us of quiet luxury, unassuming paradise. Tulum is the site of Mayan ruins surrounded by lush jungles. We've encapsulated a private beach only a select few know about, that is hidden away from the throngs of tourists into a scent. We have included notes of cerulean ocean water, palm leaves, and a gentle breeze touched by driftwood.

 Nancy, Rochelle, and Bonnie: Are they patrons, or part of the haunted forest?  You can't really tell.  Fallen leaves, chilly night air, magical oils, dried sage, graveyard dirt, patchouli, and Manon. 

Kynance Cove: Favored by Queen Victoria, this cove is surrounded by tall rocks, and hidden within is a small beach to take in the sea.  The rocky islands thrive with flowers, and the sheltered cove is enchanting.  We have bottled this magical place for you with salty sea mists coming up from the caves that are hidden around the area, muget, violet and lily blooms follow. Grounded with notes of tonka.


The Baia do Sancho: The brilliant green blue waters of this Brazilian paradise are hidden by steep cliffs, and only accessible by ladders on the rocks, or by sea. A flock of Macaws fly out of the cove and into the jungle nearby.  Sea salt and moss covered rocks are the top notes, then we blend with our very own vetivert, and a few drops of watermint. Proceeds from the sale of this scent will be donated to the Iowa Parrot Rescue. 


Turks and Caicos: Another day in paradise.  The relaxed atmosphere, picturesque sunsets of the islands transport us into vacation mode immediately. Transport yourself there with notes of that familiar suntan lotion, warm, humid  air, melons, pineapple rum, grapefruits, and the scent of the brilliant turquoise ocean. 


The Black Pearl: Sometimes we need to go out to the open water, to be as far away from civilization as possible, to fully relax.  Salty marine air, the sea lapping against the sides of the boat. The lush scents of the forests off the coasts waft onto the deck. Rain is in the distance. Rum is in your hand. 

The small towns around here have fairs late in the summer.  Kettle Corn, Funnel Cake, Cotton Candy, and sunsets over the carnival rides. 

Banana Taffy
Bright Yellow and Sweet as can be. 

Roll in the Hay
There's a strawberry farm not far from me, and they're surrounded by fields of wheat, and corn.  This is childhood summers, in a bottle.  Fresh bright strawberries, sweet hay bales, and warm wind. 

Longest Day
The solstice, celebrating the longest day of the year, is the best day for working in the garden.  All that sunlight!  Russian leather, honey, and a touch of patchouli. 

Green tea, osmanthus, myrrh.  

Apple Jack Cider Donut: Warm fresh donuts made with fresh apples and cinnamon, dusted in powdered sugar

S'mores: ooey gooey chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers!

Corn Griddle Cakes: inspired by an old reddit post, titled, "give me your corn...". Fresh, hot corn cakes, ready for honey or jam!

Butterscotch'd Bourbon:  For the grown ups at the pumpkin patch

Caramel Popped Corn: Warm, sinfully sweet, caramel corn and cool fall nights.

Green Apple Cotton Candy: The puffs of green candy floss glow electric under the black lights of the snack shack at the pumpkin patch.  

Pumpkin Butter Creme Cupcakes: Just as it says!

The Haunted House: A dilapidated structure standing in front of a dark field. The gouls and goblins are shrieking in delight and beckon you to stay a while. The old house smells faintly of wormwood. A cauldron of simmering black currants in the kitchen, with wafts of cognac soaked vanilla beans, and dark wisps of incense from the basement, where they don't let you go. 

The Haunted Woods: The woods are menacing but inviting.  A small path beckons you in.  It gets quiet and you make your way through, while you hear something walking close in the darkness.  The woods smell of aged resins, black curling vines that try to swallow you up, delicate macabre seedlings and damp leaf strewn paths. 

The Crooked House: You remember this one from when you were a kid, and only as an adult, you realize how sinister the house looks.  

There was a crook'd man and he walked a crook'd mile

He found a crook'd sixpence, against a crook'd stile.

He bought a crook'd cat, which caught a crook'd mouse, 

And they all lived together in a crook'd little house. 

Ancient books, crook'd shelves, crook'd wooden chairs and old dusty manuscripts. 

Teenage Vampires: You know the type.  Leather jacket clad cocky boys with slick backed hair and a joint in their hand.  A hint of the dankest dank, motor oil, black leather, and clove.

The Firepit: After all of your tricks and treats are done, warm up by the firepit. Notes of woodsmoke, marshmallows on roasting sticks, and a drop of vanille tabac. 

Birds of Hell: Cool and smooth....screeching pomegranate and herbal gin. 


Winter Walk:  Freshly cut evergreen branches and a crystal clear, biting cold, winter afternoon.




December: Frosted woods, Cypress trees, Oakmoss, and icicles.


Sugarplum: Sugared plums, and anticipation for a visit from St. Nick.



Sleigh, baby, Sleigh: Orange and almond macaroons, pistachio cakes, and hot tea. 



New Old Hollywood (mimosas, rose water, Madonna lily, African violets, cedarwood, rosewood, and musk)


Blackberry Incense (blackberries, a touch of ozone, Amber, frankincense, and a light musk)

Wisteria Lane (heavily flowering wisteria trees, intermingled with soft, almost indistinguishable rose petals, and spicy jasmine)