Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Due to the nature of the products, I am unable to accept ANY sort of return or exchange.  ALL SALES are FINAL.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. I sure do!  All of our international orders are shipped via USPS. We have had to update our shipping to reflect the actual cost. Previously we offered a discounted rate, but after reviewing, the shipping costs we paid far exceeded our charges, it was not viable to sustain that process anymore.  Rates are subject to change based on USPS pricing. 


Can I add onto an existing order, or combine multiple orders?

No. I do not have the ability to update or change an order once it is placed.


What are your shipping rates?

I ship everything USPS Priority.  Domestic shipping is $8.50 for orders up to $100, and international is based on current rates set by USPS by weight  

Shipping rates and free shipping threshold are subject to change based on USPS pricing

Libertine Bath Haus is not responsible for any customs, VAT, or import fees that may be assessed for international orders.  Libertine Bath Haus is not responsible for packages that are lost/damaged/delivered incorrectly during shipment. Once your package leaves LBH's hands, LBH is not responsible for it.  USPS Priority Shipping offers insurance.  If something happens to your package, alert LBH via email, and we will help you through the insurance claim process the best we can. 

How long does it take to get my order?

Libertine Bath Haus makes everything by hand, as well as being a one person team to pack, process, and ship all orders.  I aim to have your items shipped out to you within 14-21 business days (these do not include weekends or holidays), but make every effort to be faster. During heavy volume times, this turn around time may extend out to 21 business days.  Libertine Bath Haus will keep TAT updated on the website and will make an announcement if it will exceed 14 days.  I do schedule time off around the holidays and throughout the year. No orders will ship or process during this time, and the website will have the shop disabled. Subscribe to the newsletter to get those updates. 

Can you make me a custom scent? Do you have xyz from previous collection? 

At this time, Libertine Bath Haus is not accepting custom requests. 

If you are looking for a scent from a previous collection, please email us, and we will verify if we have it available.  We remove items/scents that do not move quickly to keep the website clutter-free.  Please make your requests BEFORE you place an order, so that I can verify availability of components, and give you ordering instructions.  Please note: items CAN and DO get discontinued from suppliers from time to time.

Some notes I will no longer stock due to allergies/sensitivities of my own.  This will include most Leather, Smoke, and very strong white floral notes. I cannot blend these any longer due to the migraines they cause, even with ventilation. 


We do not participate in BUY IT NOW OR IT IS GONE FOREVER sales campaigns.  We do not believe in fostering a FOMO marketing platform. Self care is supposed to be fun, not a Hunger Game of who can amass the largest horde of something "special".  


Can I make a wholesale order?

Please drop us a message with any inquiries about wholesale accounts. is our current email address for any queries! 

Are your products vegan/cruelty free?

All items with the exception of our Whipped Silk Body Butter are vegan.

All items are cruelty free.   We test our products on ourselves, family, and friends. 

Do you have samples?

We do not offer individual samples. We offer affordable mini-sizes in our most popular products if you want to try a smaller product before purchasing a full size.