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The ‘90’s (Summer 2019)



The throwback you’ve all been waiting for. 


I was was a teenager in the 90’s. I am SO GRATEFUL SOCIAL MEDIA DID NOT EXIST BACK THEN. 

The nineties gave birth to many of my favorite and iconic things.  Aside from the music (which IMO is still the best music. Fight me.), the fashion (delia*s, anybody?), the movies, and shows, some of my favorite  memories stem from fragrances in this decade.  

Let us reminisce a bit.....  It was 1990-something. The fashion was AWFUL but AMAZING.  Oh and we layered tee shirts, and wore lots of flannel, and combat boots, and low rise jeans, and bare midriffs.  (See: Empire Records.   one of the best movies for 90’s fashion in the real world.  OH REMEMBER THAT SHOW? It was reality TV in its infancy.....) 

We loved denim, Fanny packs, not blending our eyeshadow, and getting The Rachel done to our hair,   Leonardo DiCaprio was King Of The World (STILL IS MY #1 EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!), and Cher Horowitz brought Valley Girl-isms to the Midwest, since we were still stuck in the 1800’s on the coolness scale. (Way harsh, Tay.)

Some of the best movies ever made were from the 90’s.  How many of you still quote jokes from American Pie, The Big Lebowski, or Wayne’s World.   Just me?  Didn’t think so.  Friends was the greatest show on (and I think I quote an episode every day, my poor younger coworkers know nothing about the line being a dot to them, or animals dressed as humans being a legit pet peeve, nor do they know that unagi is not only a delicious food, but also a martial arts move, only to be challenged by a salmon skin roll), and we got to see a totally brilliant show about nothing with Seinfeld.  

We saw groundbreaking music. Nirvana. Oh my gosh. They changed THE ENTIRE SCENE, and brought us amazing bands from the PNW, and an entire movement.  Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Candlebox, The Melvins, Stone Temple Pilots.....  Sadly we’ve lost so many of these artists, but the music.....oh my gosh the music.  My bby Trent Reznor came flying in outta nowhere with his Pretty Hate Machine tour (even though TECHNICALLY that album is from the 80’s.....)and introduced a harder, darker genre of music that was totally different from the Grunge that was everywhere. He changed my whole world when he released The Downward Spiral. SO GOOD.   Trent discovered and promoted and associated with some of my all time hands down, #1 still listened to musicians to this day.  He also introduced my naive self back then to the wonders of David Bowie.   BUT I DIGRESS......  onto the sniffs.  


This 90’s collection required me to find exact duplications of scent memories.  And I want to always have them. None of these are special “limited edition with vanilla pods from small family farms in Bermuda plucked by reclining Egyptian goddesses under the pale moonlight of the full moon in Scorpio so it is so rare you better buy the whole lot up because we ONLY MADE THREE.”     




EnigmaRemember those commercials that sold cd’s with artists like Enya on them?  The song playing during the commercial was by a band called Enigma and that song would be stuck in your head all day long. For your listening pleasure:




1991femme: The absolute best thing I’ve ever smelled   All the cool girls had this. Scent: GAP Dream

1992partyonwayne: Wayne’s World! Party Time! Excellent!   We are not worthy for the genius that this movie was.  Scent: reminiscent of Wayne’s Basement. Nag champa incense. Schwing!!!

1993caboodles: Juice Bar Cotton Candy.  Enough said. 

1994teenspirit: Remember the commercials for this? Or the song.  I guess whichever one you remember first will dictate how this would smell.  I remember the deodorant. Specifically Baby Powder Soft.  Sadly, I couldn’t find one just like it. So I got the next best thing.  Scent: Love’s Babysoft

1995artisté: The greatest art tools in existence in elementary and middle school. Mr. Sketch markers.  Smell like a purple one.  Scent: Candy Purple Grapes

1996mallrat: Bath and Bodyworks ruled the mall. This iconic scent was EVERYWHERE.  If you didn’t douse yourself with this body spray after gym class, who were you??!!  Scent: Cucumber Melon 

1997homme: Every boy I knew bathed in this.  I had candles from Partylite in this scent.  I had car air fresheners in this scent. I asked for samples at the mall of this scent.  It is so firmly embedded in my brain as the distinct scent of the ‘90’s, that if I ever get a whiff of it, I feel the need to  wear low rise flared jeans and a logo’d tshirt from some now defunct store in the mall (remember County Seat?). Scent: Tommie Hilfiger

1998hautecouture: The quintessential lip product that has spanned decades. I had hundreds of these, and still use it to this day. Be a Pepper. Scent: Dr Pepper Lip Smackers

1999bandcamp: Hot Apple Pie (BEWARE! This👏🏻Contains👏🏻Cinnamon👏🏻)