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Fall 2019 Body Products

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Casting Circle: Opulence and the serene stillness of the woods. Chestnuts, birch bark, sweet caramel.

Pumpkin Oud: Rich pumpkin with smoldering woods, incense smoke, and a bit of fall spice.

I Want to be in an L.L.Bean Catalog: Fall in New England, complete with flannels, golden retrievers, and rubber toe'd boots. Crisp red apple, forest musk, ripe pumpkin, and crimson and gold leaves.

Cherry Shortbread:  Ripe red cherries, buttery, flaky shortbread pastry, fresh from the oven. Yum!

Persephone: Demeter's sorrow.  Pomegranate, dewberry, blackberry, iris musk, sandalwood.

Just Vanilla, Please: Scoops of home made vanilla ice cream made with sweet cream and vanilla beans.

Ember: Teakwood, mahogany, and light wisps of smoke.