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Fall has Arrived!

Posted by Jennifer Nevaril on

Fall Has Arrived at Libertine Bath Haus, so grab your PSL, and settle in for this year's tricks and treats. These items go live on Saturday, August 10th at 10AM CST so they arrive in time for PUMPKINS!  Set a timer, these items won't be around long!  Please note that the Gift With Purchase promotion applies to orders placed August 10th until the 13th!

Cold Processed Soaps:
Please note: Soaps are not made to order, and will not re-stock if they sell out! 
Each bar is approximately 4-6 oz.

Spanked: Lashings of vanilla spilled upon the softest cashmere and suede. Wisps of myrrh hang in the air. The sting of a leather riding crop.

Bourboned Pumpkin:  Warmed, aged bourbon, dark swirls of rum, pure vanilla extract, pumpkin puree.

Cool black amber, warm nutmeg and cloves, intertwined with musk.

Wax Melts
Please note: Wax Melts will be very limited, and will not be restocked! 
Presented in a 2 oz bag.

Ciderhouse: Apple Cider spiced with warm ginger and cassia.

Spookshow Baby: Patchouli with Cinnamon and Cedar.

Body Products 
Body Butter, Lotions, Body Polish, Hair Glace, and Body Spritzes will be available in the following scents:

Casting Circle: Opulence and the serene stillness of the woods. Chestnuts, birch bark, sweet caramel. 

I Want to be in an L.L.Bean Catalog: Fall in New England, complete with flannels, golden retrievers, and rubber toe'd boots. Crisp red apple, forest musk, ripe pumpkin, and crimson and gold leaves.

Cherry Shortbread:  Ripe red cherries, buttery, flaky shortbread pastry, fresh from the oven. Yum!

Persephone: Demeter's sorrow.  Pomegranate, dewberry, blackberry, iris musk, sandalwood.

Just Vanilla, Please: Scoops of home made vanilla ice cream made with sweet cream and vanilla beans.

Ember: Teakwood, Mahogany, and light wisps of smoke.

Pumpkin and OudRich pumpkin with smoldering woods, incense smoke, and a bit of fall spice.


Gifts with Purchase

These gifts will be available for all orders placed between August 10-13 ONLY. Total is calculated before shipping/taxes! 

Spend $15.00 and receive a perfume dram of Roanoke: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, sweetened with Vanilla Bean.

Spend $35.00 and receive Roanoke, plus a deluxe sample bag of Soaking Salts scented in Graveyard of Stars: Plum warmed with sugared amber and cashmere musk

Spend $50.00 and receive Roanoke, Graveyard of Stars, plus a deluxe sample of Hair Glace in Blueberry Pancakes: Warm pancakes, ripe, sweet blueberries, a dash of maple syrup and butter.

Spend $75.00 and receive Roanoke, Graveyard of Stars, Blueberry Pancakes, and receive a 2 oz jar of Body Polish in: Wicked Candy Apples: Candied apples, pomegranate, oakmoss, and a drop of caramel vanilla.

Spend $100.00 and receive Roanoke, Graveyard of Stars, Blueberry Pancakes, Wicked Candy Apples and receive a 4 oz bottle of body oil in Embalming Fluid: sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and musk, with notes of sage and thyme.


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Happy Fall! See you soon, 



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