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AH! We have a blog!!! Many things have happened! Read More!

Posted by Jennifer Nevaril on

Sometimes I forget that this blog exists, and I have had a lot of things happen lately!  Let's share!  Grab your favorite beverage, and sit tight, lots of stuff has happened in the past few months!


First off, our friend Andrea of Sucreabielle was so awesome.  If you don't know her, find her, and get to know her! She runs this incredible marketplace of indie makers, and asked LBH to have a few products there.  HOW COOL!  I created a special scent just for the Indie Marketplace called IBIZA, and stocked them up with some hair glace in that scent, as well as some La Vie Est Magnifique.  Andrea hosts LOTS of incredible makers there, so do check them out!   

You can find the Indie Marketplace here:


Next up, I created a Facebook Group! We are a small group right now, but I hope to grow a little community that I can bounce ideas off of, offer support, friendship, and humor through, as well as a little corner of the internet that is just nice.  Please join us there! You get a sweet discount code upon joining!  I am trying to engage often in there, but since the group is so small, I feel like I spam.  You can join us and be a conversation starter! We would love to have you!   



But Wait! There's More!

I am hiring my very first employee! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!  About a month ago, I put up a help wanted ad, since I desperately need someone to help me with some social media stuff, as well as helping me develop a brand voice, and some killer photography (because let's face it, I suck at those things). I got SUCH an overwhelming response that it took me a MONTH to reach out to my finalists!! I will be announcing our new Social Media/Brand Rep very soon.  


I WAS ON A PODCAST!!!  Our dear friend Andrea also hosts a podcast! (seriously, what does this woman not do. I often wonder when she sleeps). The podcast is called FEARLESS BROADCAST and it is about women in business.  I was so incredibly honored to be offered the opportunity to appear on the podcast, as she interviews people whose work I have admired, and purchased for years!  I highly recommend listening to all of the episodes, but if you would like to find the one that I am on, it is found here:


I finally have my workshop and office finished! I was so grateful to be able to transform the lower level of my house into a fully functioning workshop and office.  I got a snazzy new big giant computer for graphic design, website design, and BLOGGING LIKE THIS, as well as a work room for all of my potions and lotions.   I am hoping that this helps me stay a lot more organized, and once my release schedule is re-vamped, my TAT will be coming down quite a bit! (Some of you saw that 1 day TAT when I was starting to get things moved around!!).  


A few easter eggs on the website:  You can create a wishlist, and you can read and leave reviews!  Check them out! 


It has been an INCREDIBLY busy summer, as you can see!! I am so excited for my favorite season of the year!!


Over the next few months, here is what I have planned:   

1. Working with my new Social Media/Brand Rep to work on some re-branding, and making the site cohesive and easier to navigate, prettier to look at.


2. You will see our Instagram wiped and re-done. I want a pretty and cohesive feed. 


3. Product releases will be handled a bit differently going forward. I would like to have items Ready To Ship for holiday releases/etc.  I will be working out the bugs on this as we move through the Halloween/Christmas season.  More info on this as I get it figured out.



Have a fabulous rest of the week!  This blog will probably be update weekly with more fun things, like interesting news articles, what I'm reading, what recipes I've tried, and dogs that I have recently pet.   


Love you all,




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